Meet new people at Boston college with sport

Being new can really be a scary time and you may feel isolated and alone but the truth is everyone is new and in the same boat as you. Sports can keep you active and if you are lonely at college or wherever you can meet new friends. You dont have to be the very best to join in with sports in Boston people are very friendly and there is a real strong spirit to help others out so you really dont have to worry about being brilliant to join in with sports especially not at Boston college. Joining in with sports can help you stay healthy and also gives you a social life which doesn’t have to be limited to on the field many people who do sports at college find friends for life.  At Boston college you have loads of different sporting activities which you can try out which all involve talking to people so if you are new this is the best way to talk to new people as you may not always get on with the people in your class but because Boston college is such a big place there is always new people to meet. With so many sports to try if you dont like the look of one you can always move onto another… try American football or if that isn’t your cup of tea why not try running or athletics or why not go for a totally different sport like indoor skiing or something like that? Trust me sport is the best and most fun way to meet new people! You have also various leagues and abilities so if you are not comfortable playing with people miles better than you there will always be a league were you will be able to play with people the same ability as you. Most sports are free to join in as well and as we all know this is great news if you are a student with little funds.


Some clever running tips to help you out!

Here are some running tips you may find helpful and help you out making you run faster, for longer, injury free and overall better with you run whether you are beginner and just starting out or if your a pro!

Even though getting faster needs power and stronger muscles to help improve the speed of your run there is a lot more too it then that not only that if you technique wastes too much energy you can be really badly effecting your stepped and not reaching your full potential! To improve your running technique you need to take into account things like posture and even things like pronation of your feet and how your feet hit the ground. Firstly posture is really important if you are not in a relaxed but upright position you could be straining the muscles in your neck, back and legs and your body will be working much harder when running as well impacting your speed… you must also consider aerodynamics when running as well even something as small and simple as not flaring out your fingers and keeping them pointed as you run can help, small things like these do add up and refining the small details in your running technique really do wonders. Some people may also make the mistake of crossing there arms to much as you run…. you really shouldn’t do this as this will cause tension in your back and increase fatigue of the muscles which you want to avoid. Instead make sure your arms do not cross over to your over side. Something else you got to think about is how your feet hit the ground… you should bounce of the ground and loose as much energy as your feet hit the ground as possible you can buy some gel insoles [My preferred choice are from nuovahealth] , running on hard surfaces can increase risk of injury particularly plantar fasciitis running on hard surfaces also means energy is lost more rapidly so the gel in the insoles will help make sure that less energy is lost or damaging energy that can cause vibrations and damaging shocks travel up to your legs which can cause injury or at the very least cause your muscles to become fatigued quicker.. basically insoles can help you run injury free and more effectively hopefully if you buy the right ones. Make sure that your pronation for your feet is right.. Insoles will also help with this too so make sure you get some insoles or supports for your shoes that will help to correct pronation if your feet over or under pronate when you run.. pronation is to do with gate and roll of your foot when you run and how your feet places weight on the toes when you take a step… incorrect pronation can mean you add excess tension and pressure on your feet and legs causing things such as knee injuries. shin splints and fatigue in the feet and legs…so getting it sorted is a good idea!

Whilst running you should keep good rhythm and momentum.. constantly stopping for breaks or not staying at a constant pace can cause stitch and quickly fatigue your muscles than if you stay focused and at a comfortable pace.

Something to also keep in mind is to Keep hydrated as it is really quite important when running as when your muscles become dehydrated they become less subtle and flexible… which can slow you down and even increase the risk of pulling a muscle too… carrying a bottle maybe a nuisance but drinking whilst running is a must.. you can buy running belts which you can strap your bottle which may help.

Hopefully these tips will really help you run that bit faster and better! Comment below if you have any more suggestion!

Tip: Running sports insoles

There are a number of sports insoles on the market that you can get online that will really help your agility on the field. Being a good runner who can weave in and out of other players in a football match is what makes a good player and someone who can score lots of touchdowns. However dodging other players requires a lot of twisting and turning which can increase your risk of injury too. That is why many sports people when playing the sport that they love including footballers will choose to wear special sports insoles to help them prevent injury and be more agile when running. Being comfortable is also important as who wants to be playing with foot ache right? Foot ache can be a sign also that something is wrong and that your feet are succumbing to pressure and shock which they shouldn’t. Sports insoles help combat the effects of pressure and shocks(see just how sport insoles do just this here), twists and turns that can lead to strain and injury. We all know that playing football you encounter a lot of shock when playing, this shock can stop you in your tracks if it damages the ligaments and tissues in your feet that is why you need protection. The way in which sports insoles work is that they make running much more efficient. why you ask? Well sports insoles prevent shock from hitting your feet whilst also making sure as your foot strikes the ground shock doesn’t cause fatigue in the feet, ankle and knee plus when you run less energy is lost when your feet hit the ground.

Footballers often wear big shoulder pads, helmets and other padding’s to protect them but some forget about their feet and after all playing “foot”ball you need to protect them and look after them otherwise you may find yourself on the side bench. Make sure that you are protected so you dont have any surprises. Sports insoles are not that much but can make playing a lot more comfortable they are lightweight and will make you run much better without worry of injury…perfect for football I say.

You need running insoles!

Some runners are stubborn and think that because they are so great at running that they do not need insoles to help protect their feet… usually they think that if there is no pain or aches then there is no problems. But honestly it does not matter if you are a pro runner or not if you do not protect your feet properly whilst running by getting some properly fitting and supportive insoles then later on you may find yourself in a sticky situation and unable to run. Even though your feet may not be aching if you are not wearing the right insoles over time you can really be doing some serious damage as your feet absorb the shock as you run or do any sports for that matter you feet become damaged and micro fractures may start to appear in your bones which can be one of the causes of arthritis and weak bones when you get older, also it is found that over time if you succumb your feet to the stresses and strains found in running you will find that your ligaments and tissues in your feet become weaker, calluses and heel spurs created by your body to protect your feet from further wear and tear may also appear too. My advice to you would be to go to you nearest running store and next time you run make sure that you are wearing the right insoles… running shoes are no good if they do not support your feet it is the insoles that are the most important part. What insoles should you buy? Well you should look out for shock absorbing ones.. one which have good arch support which are usually rigid. Some people recommend custom insoles however this is misguided information that is usually given by “specialists” out to sell you more expensive custom insoles… when there really is no need as many off the shelf ones are made from foam, gel and rubber which are specially designed to adapt to the shape of your feet anyway so custom ones are just expensive and dont give you any extra protection really. There are many running shops across Boston but if you are struggling to find a place which sells some good insoles then look online… here I have done all the hard work for you!