BC Eagles football schedule

The 2014 ACC SCHEDULE for the Eagles has been announced and by the looks of things the eagles have their work cut out.

In the start of the season the eagles will be playing fives games in Massachusetts finally on 11th of October they will be playing in other states.

The eagles are set to be playing the Pittsburgh, USC and Colorado State these matches will be a real starting challenge for the eagles and will mean going up against these tough sides so early on in the season means there is no messing around for the Boston side even at the start of this season! ITS ALL STRAIGHT DOWN TO BUSINESS!

After the eagles leave Massachusetts in October it all gets a lot tougher for the eagles as they have to play away against NC State on October 11th then onwards at Wake Forest on October 25th and Virginia Tech on November 1st means the eagles have a lot of games away in a short space of time… but the eagles do have 2 home games on the 18th of October against Clemson and on the 8th of November against a new side to the ACC Louisville which should be quite interesting. Finally the eagles will end their season playing against Florida State on November 22nd and Syracuse on the 29th of November.

This season the eagles will be up against some quite strong teams if you look at the stats of last season. Are we going to be strong this season? Or is this years schedule just going to be too much of an ask for us?

I think that going by last season we have learned a lot and are a much stronger side not to mention we have new players that are determined to make something of themselves!



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  1. I think that because we have been thrown in at the deep end it looks as though if we dont get our game together at the start of the season we could be looking at a long and hard season which maybe painful to watch!

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