Bruins beat penguins

In the NHL the Boston bruins managed to defeat the penguins in a real ferocious and nasty match that was won by the bruins at the very last minute however the Bruins win was much overshadowed by the shock in the mid point of the game when Shawn Thornton took out and punched Brooks Orpik the defense man for the penguins. The indecent happened as Throton got a hold of the defense-man from behind causing him to fall then Thorton punched Orpik in the head. The incident meant Orpik had to be took off the ice in a stretcher were he was later taken to hospital and has really cast a shadow over the bruins “win”.

Orpik isnt thought to be badly injured after the indent however he was dazed on the ice after it happened.

Thorton has came out and said that he has made a mistake and feel awful for what he has done. There will b a hearing into the incident very soon which will determine the punishment for Thorton this could mean that Thorton misses a few matches. A penguin fan at the match said !It is quite sad when these things happen in this sport… even if hockey does have the reputation as being a violent sport you shouldn’t ever punch someone who is already down.”

There were lots of scraps through out the game! The match was filled the dirty play, like when James Neal actually knees Brad Marchand in the head after he fell over.

The coach for the bruins Claude Julien added that you got blame to be found on both teams.

The bruins did manage to win the game beating off the penguins offense until the very last minute. the end score was 3-2 to the bruins.

Throughout the game there was scraps happening all over which led to the incident between Orpik and Thorton. Hopefully the bruins can put this behind them and remember why they are playing and why they shouldn’t let themselves be provoked, this time the bruins came out with a win only just though… but if they let themselves slip like this even earlier in the game it could mean disaster!

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