Tory krug set to beat season scoring record!

Torey Krug is set to be one of the best players in hockey ever for Boston. Last night against the penguins the bruins where able to win a very crucial match from overtime. All thanks to our defense men Tory krug who was able to make a excellent a precise shot that ended the match 4-3 to the bruins. Krug has now achieved seven great goals this season for the bruins a excellent achievement for any player especially a defense men. He has also hit the Boston record books as the first defense-men to ever score four goals in just 5 postseason games. He is a rookie but some rookie as he tops the charts beating the rest of the d-men in the league and he is also ranked third best rookie skater in our league.

The bruins have always had talented d-men who have managed to score tons of goals like Bobby Orr Some are saying that Krug is set to beat the records saying that nobody has ever been as good as Krug is doing right now as a rookie so early on in their career as a rookie and he is set to be the best ever. Currently Krug has someway to go to beating the records but if he keeps up with the pace he is at the moment he is set to smash everyone else records. Raymond Bourque currently is on top with 17 in one season, Greg Harwood then follow with 16 goals, Orr in third with 13 and Eddie shore with 12 goals in one season but seeing as krug has in just the start of the season and with two more thirds yet to go scored 7 goals if he keeps it up their may very well be a new name at the top by quite a margin.

Krug may actually beat not only the Boston record but the NHL record too if he carries on. Krug just needs to beat rangers Brian Leetch he managed to score 23 goals in one season during the 1988-1989 season. As you can see with two thirds yet for krug to play and scoring 0.29 goals per game krug is on track…to be a scoring legend but he will need to increase his scoring by a little bit to beat Leetch who averaged 0.34 goals a match.

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