Gerald Wallace aint angry

Last summer Gerald Wallace was traded from the Atlanta Nets to the struggling Boston Celtics. It is said that Gerald Wallace is not angry with Atlanta’s decision to send him to Celtics because he likes a challenge. And he is quite relived that he left the nets actually.

The Nets have bought a lot of great players to try and rebuild their struggling side and redefine them as one of the basketball greats. but Gerald Wallace says that even though their is a lot of great talent and new stars on the nets side the Nets team have become disjointed and not a real team anymore. The nets have been struggling their selves losing to Brooklyn 3-9, this loss caused a lot of stir in the basketball world.

“People think its easy,” Recently Gerald Wallace said   shaking his head just before the basketball game with the hawks.

Wallace also added that a team to play well needs chemistry and to be united.. with so much swapping around and many players missing team training it is hard to connect with a team and play well if you dont know them.

He also says that talent doe not mean a thing unless you can work together as a team, which is very true as basketball it is all about communication and split second decisions based on knowing what your team mates are going to do before they do it.

You can see by Gerald Wallace’s comments that he is much happier playing in a team that isn’t so confused and disjointed as a team.

The Celtics won the game against the hawks last night, but it was a struggle at first but calmness swept the Celtic players and they found their rhythm and they where able to pull a win out the bag in amazing and calm style near the end.

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