Bruins take a long time to beat Hurricanes

In a very close match the Boston Bruins win against the Carolina in a 3-2 OT win adding to their winning streak but only just. The win for the boston B’s only came at the last second when it really should have came alot sooner for the B’s. Through out the game the B’s just couldn’t seem to score not matter how hard they tried. They had the skills and talent but for some reason they just could not seem to get the puck in. Maybe it was down to the Hurricane’s defense or maybe it was down to the B’s lack of confidence to make a shot, a mixture of both maybe? The decider came at 1:28 overtime when Jarome Iglinla got past the Hurricane’s defense. Jarome then managed to swiftly hit the puck to David krejci… who made sure to blast the undefended Huricanes goalie with the winning shot.

The game was a long one and the fans enjoyed it but wanted it to end much sooner. Some fans at the game said

“It was a real tense match, we knew the B’s were going to win but the more the game went on we started to get nervous if the Hurricanes manged to sneak it.”

“The bruins could of really made life a lot easier by nailing the Hurricanes earlier on, I actually think that the reason why the bruins didnt get the points earlier on was because the Bruins work better when under pressure.”

It wasn’t just in this recent game with the Hurricanes that the B’s left it late to score points, in their last 6 matches they have defended well but haven’t scored that many. It is also not like the bruins have not had that many chances they have had plenty of chances in this match and the others to score however for whatever reason they failed to deliver. I guess though the main thing is that they are winning matches albeit it making their fans very nervous along the way.

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