Boston Celtics beat hawks

Victory for the Boston Celtics ending their annoying losing streak and breaking the Hawks.

The Boston Celtics have ended their losing streak, but they almost lost the game if they continued to play like they did at the start. The Celtics in the end won 94 87 in a tight game with the hawks. The timing of this win came as a surprise you would have thought that their confidence as a team would have been shot and they wouldn’t have been able to pull this off but they did. The Boston Celtics have been losing game after game six in a row to be exact! So this recent win against the hawks has been quite a welcomed surprise by fans. Many people doubted the Celtics at first but the Celtics were bound to win a game eventually right? The Boston team won this match in style and it really took everything the Celtics had in them to win with a unbelievable second quarter which won them the game.

The Boston side started the season off with Brad Stevens as their new coach and with four consecutive wins all looked good for the Celtics this season but then celtics hit a dead end and with 6 straight loses it wasn’t looking too good for our Boston team, we are hoping that this new win will have ended their streak of losses and bad luck and hopefully get the Celtics back in the running once more.

The hawks tried to defend our offense in this game but could not quite match up and defend Jeff greens shots.

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