The saints win against the Atlanta falcons 17-13

Drew Brees has helped the saints cling onto victory as his two touchdowns won them the recent match to the Atlanta falcons with Drew’s two extra touch downs it put the saints in the lead winning the game 17-13.

In the match Drew’s only 10 passes where not successful made to him, but drew wasn’t the only player helping the saints win this crucial match as Jimmy graham also played a huge roles in securing victory as jimmy graham made sure he received the ball and ran 100 yards in total which really helped steal it for the saints. The saints winning this match has meant they have won 9 this season! Which is a great achievement considering the strong oppositions they have been up against.

It wasn’t just the offense that are helping the saints win so many of their games with the great defense the saints have this season has meant that the saints have a solid almost fortress like defense that none can push through. One of the main players that have been helping keep this solid fortress from breaking is Cameron Jordan.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though for the saints at the start of the match, as the falcons managed to grab a early lead that surely would have hit a bit of the saints confidence. It was Steven Jackson smashed through from only a yard that managed to give the falcons the early advantage.

But the saints confidence wasn’t destroyed and Brees managed to make a extraordinary pass to Benjamin Watson getting them their first touchdown in this tight match.

Matt Bryant further added to the tension as he got a field goal from 39 yards helping the falcons grab another lead but this lead was short lived as the saints ignored the fact they where losing and managed to get in the lead again and stay there!

with a 4 point lead meant the saints where now comfortably ahead but they were not out of the woods just yet as Atlanta still threatened them with a relentless offense that could have proved lethal if the saints did not have such a strong defense. In the past the saints defense would have crumbled under the Atlanta’s aggressive offense but not this season.

The saints managed to remain 4 points ahead from now on. Near the end their was a bit of hope for the falcons as Matt Ryan finished 292 yards but it wasn’t enough to beat the now unstoppable saints.

In this match the saints proved just how strong their offense and defense is, can they continue this through out the rest of the season? Who knows but at the moment the odds are stacked in the saints favor.

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