Rookie tax

With the recent controversy of bullying concerning Richie incognito who has been alleged to have been behind bullying, threats and racism towards Jonathan Martin. Richie Incognito is set to miss a lot of important matches because of the ongoing investigation that will also look at other players who may also be involved. But there are now concerns that other “rookie players” are being bullied in the Dolphins and in other big teams too.  It is thought that rookie players are being taken advantage of by seasoned players and even bullied.

The rookie tax

Many new players including martin will have to favors or even foot bills that can cost thousands of dollars, this is known in American football as the rookie tax. It has been reported that Jonathan martin had to pay for other players on his team $15, 000 for a trip to Las Vegas what is more is that Jonathan martin was not even invited to come. This shows obvious division in the dolphins and raises concerns on just how how much of a team the dolphins actually are.

The rookie tax isn’t something new, it has been around for quite a while just ask OJ McDuffie who says in his day that it was something for new team players to their dues. and had been going on long before Mcduffie started playing for the Dolphins. He also added that the rookie tax is found in just about every team big no matter how big or small the team is. Mcduffie had it easy though as many rookies now have to pay big time when Mcduffie was a rookie he only had to do a couple of chores here and there and oh yeah… thrown in a freezing bath. Maybe Mcduffie got off lightly because he was such a good footballer.

Many rookies now have huge bills to pay and they cant or dont want to say no to the other players otherwise they may loose the other players respect which is needed to play as a team. Some rookies may find themselves in financial difficulty as a result of footing some of the huge bills with some rookies thought to be paying bills for nights out at $40 ,000 as rookies dont always get paid that compared to more seasoned players these rookies may start feeling the pinch. all to impress their team mates, but they really shouldn’t have to as it shouldn’t be about how much you can flash the cash but how good you are on the field.

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