Richie Incognito will miss even more games as hearing postponed

Earlier this month Richie Incognito was suspended because of alleged bullying and racism. Richie incognito has missed a fair number of matches since is suspension and is set to miss quite a few more matches as well as the hearing into the bullying is postponed further as more investigations continue.
It is important that any team in football is a strong united unit and can work together, even if these allegations are not found to be true it still doesn’t say a lot for the dolphins team as a team should be united and not obviously at war with each other like is the case here.

Richie Incognito is said to have agreed to his grievance hearing to be postponed. The grievance hearing concerns the Miami dolphins and bullying at the club is going to be put back as the NFL investigate the bullying claims completely in a investigation.

Richie incognito was suspended last month after Jonathan Martin refused to play for the Dolphins claiming that team mates where threatening and bullying him.
Jonathan Martin said that Richie threatened him with violence and not only that but even sent racists abuse to martin to his phone.

To look into these claims and to investigate further Ted Wells has been appointed by the NFL to look into the case.

Incognitos hearing has been put back whilst wells investigates and puts together his findings this is a hard blow to Incognito financially as for every match Incognitos misses he loses $235 000.
Incognito has released a statement saying that he intends to help out and cooperate in any ongoing inquiries on the case and he also added that he loves all his teammates and is saddened by this allegations and after the investigation is complete wants to put all of this behind him and focus on the matches ahead!

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