Meet new people at Boston college with sport

Being new can really be a scary time and you may feel isolated and alone but the truth is everyone is new and in the same boat as you. Sports can keep you active and if you are lonely at college or wherever you can meet new friends. You dont have to be the very best to join in with sports in Boston people are very friendly and there is a real strong spirit to help others out so you really dont have to worry about being brilliant to join in with sports especially not at Boston college. Joining in with sports can help you stay healthy and also gives you a social life which doesn’t have to be limited to on the field many people who do sports at college find friends for life.  At Boston college you have loads of different sporting activities which you can try out which all involve talking to people so if you are new this is the best way to talk to new people as you may not always get on with the people in your class but because Boston college is such a big place there is always new people to meet. With so many sports to try if you dont like the look of one you can always move onto another… try American football or if that isn’t your cup of tea why not try running or athletics or why not go for a totally different sport like indoor skiing or something like that? Trust me sport is the best and most fun way to meet new people! You have also various leagues and abilities so if you are not comfortable playing with people miles better than you there will always be a league were you will be able to play with people the same ability as you. Most sports are free to join in as well and as we all know this is great news if you are a student with little funds.


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