You need running insoles!

Some runners are stubborn and think that because they are so great at running that they do not need insoles to help protect their feet… usually they think that if there is no pain or aches then there is no problems. But honestly it does not matter if you are a pro runner or not if you do not protect your feet properly whilst running by getting some properly fitting and supportive insoles then later on you may find yourself in a sticky situation and unable to run. Even though your feet may not be aching if you are not wearing the right insoles over time you can really be doing some serious damage as your feet absorb the shock as you run or do any sports for that matter you feet become damaged and micro fractures may start to appear in your bones which can be one of the causes of arthritis and weak bones when you get older, also it is found that over time if you succumb your feet to the stresses and strains found in running you will find that your ligaments and tissues in your feet become weaker, calluses and heel spurs created by your body to protect your feet from further wear and tear may also appear too. My advice to you would be to go to you nearest running store and next time you run make sure that you are wearing the right insoles… running shoes are no good if they do not support your feet it is the insoles that are the most important part. What insoles should you buy? Well you should look out for shock absorbing ones.. one which have good arch support which are usually rigid. Some people recommend custom insoles however this is misguided information that is usually given by “specialists” out to sell you more expensive custom insoles… when there really is no need as many off the shelf ones are made from foam, gel and rubber which are specially designed to adapt to the shape of your feet anyway so custom ones are just expensive and dont give you any extra protection really. There are many running shops across Boston but if you are struggling to find a place which sells some good insoles then look online… here I have done all the hard work for you!

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