Tip: Running sports insoles

There are a number of sports insoles on the market that you can get online that will really help your agility on the field. Being a good runner who can weave in and out of other players in a football match is what makes a good player and someone who can score lots of touchdowns. However dodging other players requires a lot of twisting and turning which can increase your risk of injury too. That is why many sports people when playing the sport that they love including footballers will choose to wear special sports insoles to help them prevent injury and be more agile when running. Being comfortable is also important as who wants to be playing with foot ache right? Foot ache can be a sign also that something is wrong and that your feet are succumbing to pressure and shock which they shouldn’t. Sports insoles help combat the effects of pressure and shocks(see just how sport insoles do just this here), twists and turns that can lead to strain and injury. We all know that playing football you encounter a lot of shock when playing, this shock can stop you in your tracks if it damages the ligaments and tissues in your feet that is why you need protection. The way in which sports insoles work is that they make running much more efficient. why you ask? Well sports insoles prevent shock from hitting your feet whilst also making sure as your foot strikes the ground shock doesn’t cause fatigue in the feet, ankle and knee plus when you run less energy is lost when your feet hit the ground.

Footballers often wear big shoulder pads, helmets and other padding’s to protect them but some forget about their feet and after all playing “foot”ball you need to protect them and look after them otherwise you may find yourself on the side bench. Make sure that you are protected so you dont have any surprises. Sports insoles are not that much but can make playing a lot more comfortable they are lightweight and will make you run much better without worry of injury…perfect for football I say.

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