Some clever running tips to help you out!

Here are some running tips you may find helpful and help you out making you run faster, for longer, injury free and overall better with you run whether you are beginner and just starting out or if your a pro!

Even though getting faster needs power and stronger muscles to help improve the speed of your run there is a lot more too it then that not only that if you technique wastes too much energy you can be really badly effecting your stepped and not reaching your full potential! To improve your running technique you need to take into account things like posture and even things like pronation of your feet and how your feet hit the ground. Firstly posture is really important if you are not in a relaxed but upright position you could be straining the muscles in your neck, back and legs and your body will be working much harder when running as well impacting your speed… you must also consider aerodynamics when running as well even something as small and simple as not flaring out your fingers and keeping them pointed as you run can help, small things like these do add up and refining the small details in your running technique really do wonders. Some people may also make the mistake of crossing there arms to much as you run…. you really shouldn’t do this as this will cause tension in your back and increase fatigue of the muscles which you want to avoid. Instead make sure your arms do not cross over to your over side. Something else you got to think about is how your feet hit the ground… you should bounce of the ground and loose as much energy as your feet hit the ground as possible you can buy some gel insoles [My preferred choice are from nuovahealth] , running on hard surfaces can increase risk of injury particularly plantar fasciitis running on hard surfaces also means energy is lost more rapidly so the gel in the insoles will help make sure that less energy is lost or damaging energy that can cause vibrations and damaging shocks travel up to your legs which can cause injury or at the very least cause your muscles to become fatigued quicker.. basically insoles can help you run injury free and more effectively hopefully if you buy the right ones. Make sure that your pronation for your feet is right.. Insoles will also help with this too so make sure you get some insoles or supports for your shoes that will help to correct pronation if your feet over or under pronate when you run.. pronation is to do with gate and roll of your foot when you run and how your feet places weight on the toes when you take a step… incorrect pronation can mean you add excess tension and pressure on your feet and legs causing things such as knee injuries. shin splints and fatigue in the feet and legs…so getting it sorted is a good idea!

Whilst running you should keep good rhythm and momentum.. constantly stopping for breaks or not staying at a constant pace can cause stitch and quickly fatigue your muscles than if you stay focused and at a comfortable pace.

Something to also keep in mind is to Keep hydrated as it is really quite important when running as when your muscles become dehydrated they become less subtle and flexible… which can slow you down and even increase the risk of pulling a muscle too… carrying a bottle maybe a nuisance but drinking whilst running is a must.. you can buy running belts which you can strap your bottle which may help.

Hopefully these tips will really help you run that bit faster and better! Comment below if you have any more suggestion!

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